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Logbook Loans

A lot of individuals are experiencing financial problems that they would resort to various types of loans. However, many of these people may have bad credit that they could not qualify to apply such loans. If you are someone who have this issue, the perfect alternative for you to utilize are logbook loans. You also need to own a car so that you can qualify for a logbook loan.

Logbook loans are most popular and in demand in the UK, since many companies are offering logbook loans to borrowers. These loans are usually borrowed by pledging a logbook or paper documents of a car. Logbook loans are considered unsecured loans; however, it is secured against the car logbook papers.

A logbook is a certificate that is commonly issued by a Driving and vehicle licensing agency. This document contains complete and essential information about the car owner including basic information such as complete name, address, profession etc. It also includes vehicle details including engine number, car model number, registration number and color model number.

How can an individual be qualified to secure a logbook loan? Here are some vital requirements in order to ensure a logbook loan:

• Legal owner of a vehicle that has a logbook

• The vehicle or car should be clear of finance. Ensure that the car’s finance is fully paid in order to qualify. At times, when the owner is left of 1 or 2 months of repayments left, there are some companies willing to offer the logbook loan.

• The car must be at least 8 years old or lesser than that. Your vehicle must be registered earlier than 2005 if you want to take advantage of a logbook loan at this time.

These are some of the essential requirements of securing a logbook loan. Once all these are met, you can easily apply for a logbook loan using your car. Ensure to deal with a logbook loan provider that is established so that you can be rest assured of dealing with a trusted company. The company will simply allow you to complete an income and expenditure form to make sure that you are able to afford the loan and pay it back on time.

There are also various advantages associated with Logbook loans. Here are some of the benefits to obtain when applying for these loans:

• Individuals with poor credit ratings are qualified to secure logbook loans, which they would usually find it difficult to acquire from other types of loans. Many banks and loan lenders are hesitant to give out loans to people with bad credit because they fear that those individuals will not be able to repay them.

• With a logbook loan, the negative aspect is limited to the asset value of the car. With other loans, when an individual fails to meet the payments, the high interest rates are heightened.

• There is no requirement for any credit checks with logbook loans. In just a few days, the loan is immediately released without any hassles or problems. This is truly convenient because you do not have to spend time for credit investigation and background.

• Individuals who have filed bankruptcy are also qualified to secure a logbook loan, as long as they own a vehicle and they have a logbook complete with all necessary document. They just need to submit the logbook, in order to take advantage of a logbook loan.

These are some of the benefits to take advantage when you engage with logbook loans. Whatever the purpose of your loan is, just ensure that you have completed all the requirements being asked of you and you can instantly obtain the loan you need in no time.

There are various places and ways, as to how and where to acquire these logbook loans. You can visit your local bank or some financial companies to inquire about these loans. You can also seek help from financial agents who are always willing to assist you with your loan.

If you can’t find time going out and find these companies, simply apply these loans via the Internet. Be aware that endless loan companies are now finding the Internet the most convenient manner of marketing their services, so for loan borrowers like you can easily obtain the loan you need anytime.


Log Book Loans

Log Book Loans

Log book loans are short term cash loans which are secured on your vehicle. In the United Kingdom, this is form V5 frequently referred as the logbook. Since this loan is secured on the car/vehicle documents, so you will not face any credit checks so a log book loan can be obtained regardless of credit record.


A log book loan is secured just by the documents of your car. You need not handover that for taking the loan out. Therefore, you can use the car fully even after getting loan. Here you are just releasing your equity from the vehicle in the same approach as it would in case of a house.


Your borrowable amount of the loan depends upon some factors relating with the vehicle. Your borrowing power will be defined by the make and the model of your vehicle. So, the simple equation is the better car will empower you to take out a better loan amount. Most log book loan lenders lend between £200 and £50,000.


In order to get qualified for a log book loan, you will need to meet some criteria. The first condition is that, you must be the legal owner of the car and that has to be registered in your name. Secondly, the vehicle must be clear in the question of finance. Even though some lenders lend on the vehicles these are almost clear. Thirdly, the car must not be older more than ten years. Most of the lenders don’t agree to lend on an older car. However, some lenders may demand some more documents regarding the valid MOT and tax of the vehicle.


Why log book loans are taken out?

Well, there may have many reasons behind taking out a loan. Many people use such loans in order to meet the payments of holiday or some other special occasions. The money can be used to utilize a lucky business opportunity or ordinary home improvements purposes. In fact there is no restriction on how it will be used. Before borrowing such funds, the borrower should be aware of the alternative option to get the better opportunity.



The Advantages of log book loans

It is seen that, people who go for these types of loans tend to possess a poor credit history which is constraint to take loan from regular banks.  In case of the normal unsecured loans, if they fail to repay the installments, they will face increasing amount of liability in compounded account. But log book loans have a great benefit in this point. The downside is restricted up to the worth of the car.


The Disadvantages of log book loans

Though the log book loans have some exclusive advantages, yet it has some disadvantages too.  It is actually a secured loan where your car is used as the security. Similar to the other types of secured loans, if you fail to settle the obligation, you may lose your car. And the interest rate is comparative higher than the other means of secured loans.


However, log book loans provide an opportunity to meet quick money requirements. You should take decision according to your actual requirement.