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RFID Blocking Holders for Contactless Smart Cards And Passports Protect From Identity Theft

I was very nervous when I heard about electronic pick-pocketing. I found out a thief can steal my identity utilizing the personal info held on a few of my debit cards. The ones of most concern are those I can make use of at check outs with what I call the "tap and go" terminals.

Soon after, I found out my passport was another risk as well! I just knew I must do something about it!

I did some research then went trying to find sleeves that would shut out the electromagnetic radiation. Since once secured the chips on the cards or in the passport never get the signals, they are inert. Without those signals, they have no power and can never transfer the datainfo they contain.

I discovered these "RFID-blocking" sleeves on Amazon. I have tried my cards at the checkout. As long as it is in its sleeve, the terminal never detects the card. This would be true for any criminal attempting to select my pocket or read my passport electronically without my authorization.

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The Secret to Keeping Your Data Where It Belongs!

The Best Means to Safeguard Your Smart Cards and Passport

Fit all standard-size wallet cards (3 3/8" × 2 1/8") and passports (3 3/8" x 4 7/8").

Prevent unwanted capture of information from government passports and contactless or "Smart" cards released by banks and other institutions such as:.

* Credit or Debit (such as: MC PayPass, VISA PayWave, AMEX expresspay, INTERAC Flash, and so on).
* Access / security control, Worker / College ID.
* Medical insurance, Medical ID.
* Enhanced driver's license, Hunting and fishing license.
* Gift, Membership and Library card.
* Transit / Park pass.

Provides an added layer of security – Stops thieves!

Unless properly shielded, your passport or card-based information is offered to any active reader in range!

Protects versus access by NFC-equipped Smartphones
Some recent smartphones feature NFC technology which can read the information by means of the same radio frequency (13.56 MHz).

Protects your info when used as directed.

No product can ensure the security of individual info or that identity theft will not take place. However, when utilizing the item properly, the sleeves greatly decrease the opportunity for loss.

Thousands in use!

We have testimonials from customers demonstrating how effective they have proven to be.

Extra Truths:.

* Shield versus wear your passport as well as any card's magnetic stripes and data contacts.
* Make affordable gifts!

Certified and Distinct :

* FIPS 201 compliant as an electromagnetically opaque sleeve.
* Patent Pending.