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Credit Card Holder Demo: Prevent RFID and NFC scans

Have you asked yourself the question: How do I protect my personal information now?

Check Out This Video About Rfid Blocking Sleeve

This video demonstration I found really highlights how simple it can be for a thief to get your private information in a moment.

Has this happened to you or someone you know? Maybe it has and you just didn’t realize.

While you are distracted, a hacker can obtain, for instance, your credit card information, including:
• your name
• the card number and
• the card’s expiration date.

With the card in a special purpose “CARD ID Preserver” envelope, the data cannot be found. The sleeve hides your identity and your hard-earned assets. They create a Faraday Cage around the card and cause the radio signals to be redirected around it, keeping it hidden.

Block all unwanted scans!

The CARD ID Preserver sleeve will protect you when you leave your contactless cards inside it. Take these cards out ONLY when you plan to use them in person.

I am certain you have heard about the problems people have when their identities are stolen using data read from their payment cards “over the air”? You know the cards I mean. The ones you can just wave at the reader and go.

Simple specialty sleeves used as credit card holders will block unwanted scans of your contactless payment cards of all kinds by keeping them invisible to both authorized and unauthorized payment readers as well as Smartphones equipped with NFC. Such scans can happen anywhere

They offer a vital layer of defense for your money and other property versus fraudulence. They likewise shield you from identity theft through ePickpocketing or digital skimming. We listen to stories each day of the effects of these criminal offenses. This is a way to help ensure you do not experience them.

Aside from credit cards, they secure many kinds of wallet-sized payment cards including your passport cards. The unwanted scanner or phone need only be as close as 4 inches to the card, while the is in your purse. For example you might be at the grocery store.