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IVA: Individual Voluntary Arrangement

The Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) was introduced by the Insolvency Act of 1986. It is regarded as a substitute of bankruptcy. IVA is beneficial for both of the debtor and the creditor. Rather than going to face bankruptcy, Individual Voluntary Arrangement enables the people to come into a formal agreement with the creditors.


This system offers a great opportunity to those persons who are facing serious obligations to both escape bankruptcy and have a fresh start.


The Advantages of an IVA

An IVA offers you the opportunity of paying back only an established percentage of the total debts.

In such period, while you are in an IVA with the creditors, it is unlawful for these creditors to pursue you.

One of the major advantages is, in IVA, the interest on the loan gets frozen so in that situation, there is no chance to grow your debt.

An Individual Voluntary Agreement has no effect on your capacity to access public office as the bankruptcy does.


The Disadvantages of an IVA

In the world, there is nothing without having good and bad sides. IVA also possesses the same properties. We’ve discussed about the advantages of an IVA. Now let’s know some disadvantages too.

If you fail to stick on the conditions of your Individual Voluntary Agreement, then the appointed insolvency practitioner or the creditors may make you bankrupt. So, all your attempts can go in vain.

If your situation alters and you can no more afford the payoffs, it may cause the end of your IVA if the insolvency practitioner cannot persuade the creditors to enter into a new agreement.


Setting up an IVA

At first make an outline of the debt repayment proposal that evidently demonstrates its benefits to the creditors and also expresses which assets and funds will be available to them.

Then you have to apply to the court for granting an interim order. Once the order is granted, the creditors will not be able to file bankruptcy petition against you.

Now the creditors will come to a decision whether they will accept or reject your proposals.

If the creditors accept your proposals, they will be bound on everybody who was notified in the decision making meeting. If it happens, the insolvency practitioner will take charge of these assets which are managed for the creditors in the proposal line.


Recommended IVA Body

There are many IVA consulting firms in the UK. Choose any one from these firms to get assistance regarding this issue. To learn this issue in more detail you may like to check out this governmental document



Who might be benefited from an IVA?

An IVA can help anyone who is experiencing debt problems. Mainly IVA is preferred by those who own assets and there is a risk of losing these assets in case of bankruptcy. You may choose an IVA if you owe to the parties who would not accept an informal agreement for debt management. Even after getting bankrupted you may get an IVA according to the enterprise ACT of 2004.




Unsecured Loans

Unsecured Loans

Unsecured loans are those types of loans affording which you don’t need to put any of your assets for loan security. For this advantage, it may seem ideal because it is supposed to have less risk. So if you take unsecured loans you will not need to keep your assets like home, car etc. as security to the lender. That is the theory anyway. If you do have a property and you default on your loan payments then not only do you risk getting your credit rating ruined but you will also


Unsecured loans are very popular mean to raise finance among the people of the UK. If you take a glance to some early decades, you will find the picture about its great popularity. People are now very conscious about their assets and they seem to be unwilling in taking risks with their assets. It is a major point behind the fame of unsecured loans.


As there is no mandate of collateral, so there is no condition of equity evaluation of your assets. This factor plays a significant role to simplify the lengthy process. Let’s have a look on the advantages and disadvantages of unsecured loans.



Available to both homeowner and tenants

The first and foremost advantage of unsecured loan is that, it offers the opportunity of borrowing money to anyone whether the applicant is a homeowner or a tenant. So, you can borrow funds without putting up any security or collateral.


No risk to your home

It benefits to those who own a home and would not bear any risk with that. Unsecured loans are the solutions as these do not pose direct risks to your home or any other assets.




Quick Completion

Since there is no formalities of collateral evaluation and usually the amount of unsecured loan is small, so the process of loan completion is much faster than that on secured loans. In some cases, if everything is okay, you may receive the money at the same date of being approved.



However, you must not forget the other side of a coin. Though unsecured loans come with some exclusive advantages, yet you must eye at some of its disadvantages too. Now let’s take a quick look on these factors


Higher Rates of Interests

It cannot be refuged that unsecured loans are backed by trust only so that there is a greater risk on the lender. The simple equation is, the higher the risk means the higher interest rate to pay. There is another factor with your credit record. The borrower having bad credit record will face higher rate of interest. If you have a decent credit rating, it will help you to get the loan in convenient terms.


Limited Loan Amounts

This is one of the major limitations of unsecured loans. If you need a large amount of money, the unsecured loan is not your solution because these are given in fewer amounts. Normally you can borrow only up to £25000.


Lack of Flexibility

If you take an unsecured loan, that means you have been bound in a circle. You have to pay off the amount with interest in installments at fixed time intervals. You will be unable to adjust a lower payment; on the other hand, if you pay back the loan earlier, you will be fined for early repayment.


So, unsecured loans have pros and cons. It will be better to take decisions analyzing your real situation.


Debt management

Debt Management – Finance Assisting Program:

Debt management … is a prearranged reimbursement strategy, entails designated finance assisting third party to recover your damaged credit. It provides realistic support, proficient supervision, and reliable services of skillfull trained workforce that enables you to pay off frustrating debts. In the United Kingdom, roundabout 100,000 people have regained serenity of life with its financial support of money owing managing programs. If you are surrounded by financial crisis and have no solution to pay your debts, you can avail interest frozen debt managing services without facing the disgrace of debt revelation. Through these promising services, your creditors get association with debt administrating service providers to have repayment contract with them instead of disturbing you.

Specialty of Debt Management Programs:

Your contact with loan reviews leads you to avail debt managing agenda; here you have to give detailed information about your sources of income, monthly expenditures, and list of creditors. After going through this process, you are awarded a preliminary package containing basic rules and regulations to sign up this service. Creditor association panel starts conciliation with creditors and manages some up to standard repayment agreement per month. In other words, you feel satisfaction as you don’t have to deal with your creditors and they directly contact to debt managing authorities in case of any required correspondence. Debt managing team persistently sends your account relevant payment statements to make you aware of reducing ratio of debt.

Debt Management Fee Schedule Retains Compatibility with your Financial Situation:

Professional advisors of debt management program recommend short duration discussion with them to suggest an affordable fee schedule for their services. They put forward their experience-based suggestions and after your consent further process gets started. You gain £225 with addition of 15% per month payment charges and enjoy relaxation of tension-free life. Initial service fee entails assemblage of draft programming, special appointment with finance director, charges for communication with creditors, and reduced payment calculations but these primary charges are not refundable. However, you are given fourteen days to ponder over your decision of having association with debt managing programs. During this concise duration, if you agree with business terms and conditions; you can avail this golden opportunity otherwise you can discard your application.

Relishing Services of Debt Management are Finance-Friendly:

Hey, leave your debt regarding apprehensions because UK’s best recognized debt management services give surety to resolve your financial problems. Here you find service flexibility by loan reviews and feel relaxed due to instant monetary assistance with additional off period facility. You find experienced staff to deal with you as well as your creditors, service committed phone contact, and infrastructure convenience to observe your debt repaying progress. It is a certified standard service that invites you to establish a professional affiliation with it in order to meet your intentions. It retains copious resources to manage financial issues of its applicants with complete confidence of privacy.

Constructive Role of Debt Management:

It is natural phenomenon that you feel helpless when there is no escaping way from debt. In such critical situation, Many debt management companies offers professional debt management  programs with a tailor-made services and promise to bring you back from agonizing debt apprehensions. It guarantees to handle your creditors applying technical strategies during payment on your behalf and acquires your sincere cooperation. It deals with your finances and effectively applies its promising programs to resolve your financial problems on reasonable charges.


Secured Loans

Secured Loans

Unlock the equity in you property


In the arena of personal finance, two major types of loans are dominant. These are the secured loans and the unsecured loans. Now, our focus is on the secured loans.


As the title suggests, a secured loan is that where its borrower requires putting forward an asset such as a car or any other property as security or collateral regarding the debt. Thus the debt is treated as “secured” against that asset.  In case of the borrower’s default on the debt, the financier is authorized to take ownership of the indemnified asset or arrange its sale to recover the debt.


If a home is entitled to be a security, the financier will place a further charge on that asset. Generally, mortgage lender deserves the first option on a property, that means, if the property is sold, then the money due to the mortgage lender to be funded back before anyone else counting the owner if he gets any portion of that money. In a secured loan, the moneylenders charge usually assembles after the mortgage lenders charge as the 2nd charge. It means that, when the house is sold, then the secured loan holder will only get his settlement after the first duty is paid off. It is such because when using assets as security regarding a loan, there must be enough equity on the assets to allow the entire amount of that loan to be refunded as soon as the mortgage has been refunded.


Since the loan is given a secured shape by supporting devices, the lender’s risk is reduced significantly comparing with an unsecured loan. Another point is that, the applicant doesn’t require having a better credit record. But it would be important factor in case of an unsecured loan. The people who have been denied for unsecured loan, still they may be found eligible for secured loans. Moreover you can go for a secured loan which can be taken out over longer payoff terms (up to 25 years) than that would be possible in unsecured loans. It allows keeping the monthly payments down and it is really useful when budgeting.


Again, you can also borrow greater amounts than that in an unsecured loan which tends to possess a higher limit of £25,000. In fact, the borrowable amount can vary from lender to lender same will be with the chargeable interest rate. Usually, the interest rate depends upon the risk. So, as better credit history you have, as lower interest you will be charged. However, the value of the asset will also play a part in some cases while determining the rate of interest.


So, how will you manage a secured loan? Actually it is not an easy task. You may find it very complex to source the best secured loan suited with your situation. The easiest way can be to search for a trustworthy secured loan broker. Most lenders make their loans obtainable only through brokers. The broker can find the best loan according to the requirements of each individual lender. Thus you can find the best secured loan saving your valuable time.


Payday Loans

Payday Loans Play an Important Role in Financial Crises

In various kinds of business organizations, many business owners have to face the different financial Crises. In order to face these Crises with great efficiency, there must be some source that can provide financial help in such kind of critical circumstances. If you are also facing such kinds of problems then there is no more need to get worried because payday loans can resolve your kinds of financial problems without creating any further difficulties for you. It is the one of the best source to get financial help in the financial emergencies. No other source can provide you such type of fast cash delivery but with payday loans it is very easy to get the required amount of cash with no time.

Good-bye to business worries with payday loans

Whenever your business faces any financial emergencies then this fantastic source can provide you the facility of instant cash. Using this instant cash source can be best for your financial needs. You can meet all the monetary needs without facing any kind of trouble. There is no need to wander here and there in search of various authentic sources that can provide you immediate cash facility because pay day can provide you cash facility and also is trustworthy. If you contact the other financial sources for meeting your financial emergencies then the delay is for sure. Many people have to face the delay of many days or months. With payday loans there is no delay but you will be able to get your cash within few hours.

Payday loans is the most trustworthy financial scheme

This is a fantastic financial scheme that is providing the instant cash facility within the shortest time. It was never too easy to get the quick cash but now with this kind of extraordinary facility, you can easily get loan facility without too much delay. If you are taking too much stress because of your debt burden then don’t feel stressed anymore because pay day is the key to the solution of your financial problem. This particular source of instant loan provides loan facility for all the people who are looking for this kind of source. All short term financial requirements can be fulfilled easily without facing any hindrance.

However, some basic requirements must be followed whenever you want to get the help of this financial source. Every applicant has to fulfill some basic requirements that are necessary for attaining loans. Some of the requirements are behind mentioned for your kind assistance. For availing the facility of payday loans you must a UK citizen  and your age must be above 18 years. Your monthly income must be sufficient so that the loan provider can believe that you can return the amount of loan within a given period of time. Having a bank account is also necessary because the amount is transferred to the bank account of the applicant. If you are fulfilling these basic requirements then it will not be difficult for you to get amount of loan from this financial source. So, you can get the loans for meeting the financial emergencies without delaying.